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      Hello, I would like to add a date I will be available from so that I can arrange a job for a week away.

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      Am I understanding right? You want to book a date for holiday? If your working through our portal at that time you will need to deal direct with contractors regarding holidays as we are not employers/agencies etc, this portal is a gateway for contractors and subcontractors so you are not required to answer to us regarding these situations. He portal has the option for you to render yourself available or unavailable by clicking the menu on the left hand side of your dashboard , scroll down to availablity for work click on that and change to either render yourself available or not available to switch yourself on & off the portal.


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      no what I mean is that I would like to arrange a job now to start after a certain date rather than arrange it at the last minute but I can find no option to put
      in the date that I will be available from.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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