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Who we are

We are Operator Force Ltd, bringing to the Construction & Plant Machine Industry our Strategic Portal which is a very easy & fast way to hire Plant Operator professionals to get Construction Projects complete with the skill required. Whether it be on a civil construction site or quarry we have Operators with all kinds of expertise.

We Welcome companies to benefit from our unique bespoke service through the Portal of Operator Force, the revolutionary way of hiring & employing plant operators. The Operator Force Portal connects Operator Hirers/Employers & Plant Operators together within the construction & Plant Machine Industry to accomplish important ongoing and upcoming Projects. We aim to work with selected companies to ensure our clients receive the best quality of service putting our clients above the rest.

We are a friendly team of passionate people who genuinely care about our clients and their business, Who also knows the Construction & Plant Machine Industry & it’s requirements, we would love to be the bridge that keeps you connected!

This is a new Revolutionary portal saving you advertising fees, time, & giving you full control on choosing a Operator & takes just minutes to hire your chosen Plant Operator & available 24/7 365 days a year. The Portal is custom built specifically for the Construction & Plant Machine Industry.

Cloud Based Recruitment/Operator Hire SAAS Portal

Our cloud based Recruitment/Hire software as a service offers great benefits strategically categorising Plant Operators based on Testimonials & Performance giving you the most suitable candidates for a vacancy.

Operator Force Ltd offers a wide range of powerful and time-saving features designed to make your recruitment & Operator hire process quick, efficient and simple.

Take a look at the following range of services to give you an idea of what Operator Force Ltd can do for you, as well as highlighting further information on the key benefits on how easy it is to use our web based SAAS portal.


Our SAAS Portal automatically saves your recruitment/hire data, once finished with particular projects our system will automatically optimise all data & transfer to appropriate folders for you.

Managing your Recruits & Hires is made simple, along with any uploaded or generated documents.

To fully comply with GDPR All data provided by ourselves has been approved & outlined in our terms & conditions when recruits & subcontractors sign up to register with Operator Force Ltd.

Increase your efficiency right from the start.

With Operator Force you can be up and running instantly. Our setup process is fast and simple with no hidden setup charges or nasty surprises. You are in complete control So simple, effective & clean

The Operator Force user dashboard is so simple to use and has been designed with priority on ease-of-use rather than a flashy site. Each feature is very swift & clutter free helping you to basically understand the easy concept.

Affordable pricing.
Our pricing mean that you only pay for what you need. You will never pay for upgrades and maintenance and our monthly subscriptions give you complete financial flexibility without the headache of long-term contracts. You choose the right Package you require


Click the following Company Service link to view our range of Packages

Company Service

When using Our SAAS Portal the below is included as standard

Free setup

Free UK based email & live chat support

Free access to help & training materials

Free website SSL encryption

Free daily data backups

Free Daily Updates


Why choose The Operator Force SAAS Portal over other software ?


*Custom built Portal for the Construction & Plant machine industry.


* Full Control choosing your own Plant Operator knowing their experiences prior to hiring.


*CPCS/NPORS/CSCS Cards checked, verified & expiry dates updated.


* Fast & Painless with 24/7 365 days use for emergencies.


*Live chat always available 24/7 along with direct communication via telephone.


* Operator Review System to help us to categorise Operators based on competence & testimonials.


* Customised Operator Invoicing made simple saving paperwork.


*Customised Operator Signable Timesheets saving paperwork.


*Company Machine Inspection Report Uploads.


*payslip uploads.


* We listen to ideas you may have to make your experience with our SAAS portal a 1st class experience.


*Website Marketing within our portal


Primary Membership Account


* Find Operators to choose for jobs


* Send Job Invites directly to chosen Operators


* Option to Send jobs to all Available only Operators on our database


* Operator notifications Via sms/email & offline screen pop up to the operator to notify of your job invite (SMS Ltd to 150 per month more can be purchased) although email & screen popup notifications included are unlimited.


* Job declined/accepted notifications sent to you via email & Screen pop up.


* Direct Timesheets, invoices & machine inspection report uploads sent from operator directly to your portal & companies can send payslips via the portal directly to the operators portal automatically.


* Job cancellation option


* Off Hire Operators via the portal


* Document Archives


* Operator Review System


* Operator Profiles, Entitlements, Cpcs/Npors card Numbers for own verification


* Fast & Easy System


* Live Updates


* Live Chat


* Systems running on autopilot 24/7 registering Operators


* Portal operates 24/7


* We check with all operators availability weekly to update their profiles


*3GB of Data – Extra Data available at £10 per month per 1GB

3GB covers approx. 63 operators per week

*SMS Addons charged at £5 per 100

£29.95 per month rolling ( no contract ) PER USER
Or £295 per year saving you over £59 PER USER


Premier Membership Account


* All of the Above Primary Membership features PLUS


* Full access to our database to call Operators directly, knowing their availability & radius coverage. Fully GDPR compliant with Operator acceptance stated within our Terms & Conditions.


* 400 SMS text messages when inviting plant operators to jobs through the portal more can be purchased although you have Unlimited email & pop up notifications.


* Advert,Website & Logo implemented onto our portal to increase your web exposure.


*6GB of Data – Extra Data available at £10 per month per 1 GB

6GB approx covers 126 operators per week

*SMS Addons available charged at £5 per 100


£49.99 per month rolling ( no contract ) PER USER
Or £499 per year saving you over £99 PER USER



All of the above primary & premier plus…..

*Enter own database of self employed plant operators to enable yourself to send jobs directly to your own database (your database will not be shared with any other company purely for your own use).

*Enter your own operator employees onto your membership to enable yourself to send jobs when employees are on the move to other sites (Your employees will not be shared with any other company purely for your own use)

*The above also includes features, operators are able to login & send timesheets, invoicing (if self employed), machine inspection reports & yourself able to send payslips directly through the portal.

* 800 SMS text messages when inviting plant operators to jobs through the portal more can be purchased although you have Unlimited email & pop up notifications.

*SMS Addons available charged at £5 per 100

*9GB of Data – Extra Data available at £10 per month per 1 GB
9GB approx covers 189 operators per week

£79.99 per month or £799 for a full year saving you over £159


Pay online via stripe or direct debit setup

Tel: 01782 703087

We are fully Professional indemnity covered by hiscox Insurance for 5 million.

PLEASE NOTE:  Subscriptions unfortunately are non-refundable if terminated before the anniversary of the subscription start date.

* FREE to register FREE to receive jobs COMPLETELY FREE

*Fast & Painless with 24/7 use for emergencies

*Better Prospects

* Review System

*Business Banking App with Accounting, Invoicing & Receipt upload Feature available to all members

* Members Forum
*Live chat always available along with direct communication via telephone
* Customised Invoicing saving paperwork
* Customised Signable Timesheets saving paperwork
* Machine Inspection Report Uploads
* Payment Schedule Uploads


Available for Operators wishing to sign up for extra services to provide security & tax helping features

For just £6.95 per month to use our

*Tax related features, upload of receipts, incomings & outgoings feature plus more

*Online Review System for internal & external jobs

*External Jobs can be put into your portal with capabilities to produce timesheets, Invoices & machine inspection report/Payslip Uploads

Cost to subscribe just £6.95 Per Month rolling (no contract pay as you go)

Hirers & Plant Operators must register prior to use, once you are registered we can then verify your account after our checks have been completed & you are then able to use the Operator Force Portal System by logging into your very own portal.

Hirers once you are logged in your main priority is seeking Plant Operators for your Construction Project, you are able to request for a Subcontractor by clicking “Request a Subcontractor menu” within your portal dashboard.

Simply key in the full job details you see on the particular page & the Plant Operator requirements & send live. Once sent live you are faced with a list of Operators within site radius, simply click on the names to read Plant Operators full profiles, Their Plant Machine entitlements & CPCS/NPORS Numbers are visible for you to do your checks.

See a Plant Operator that meets your criteria? Simply click invite to your chosen Plant Operator, this in turn will send a message directly to the Plant Operator Instantly. The Plant Operator will see all the job details & requirements that you have filed & the Plant Operator can click Accept or Decline at the touch of a button in which will send a message directly to you Instantly to state if the Plant Operator declined or accepted your invite.

If the Operator accepted your invite, Simply login & go to your dashboard & click on CURRENT HIRES to see the job that has been accepted.



You can then simply contact each other & the Plant Operator will be on site on your chosen date it’s that easy.

The process is really fast which takes approximately 4 to 5 minutes from start to finish.

Once the hire has commenced, Customised Timesheets, Customised Invoicing, Machine Inspection Reports & Payslips can be uploaded in which reports back to both parties.

Hirers can choose an off hire date within the system & this also sends the Plant Operator a message of the off hire date & can be visibly seen on the system also.

All information is backed up for reasons you may require use for such as Self Assessments, Company accounts or simply reflect back upon.



If you are unable to find an Operator within the area, Hirers are able to send the job for open invites. Open invites is our reversal system, once you send the job live & find a list of Operators within the area but appear to be none available you can click OPEN INVITE. This option sends the job into every Operators portal who may work away & the Operator can click the option to the job APPLY. This will send the Hirer a message to notify you an Operator has applied & the option to click on the Operators profile & if the Operator does not meet your criteria simply click DECLINE if the Operator is who you are looking for simply click ACCEPT, this sends a direct message to the Operator to notify of your decline or accept decision. If you accepted simply check in your CURRENT HIRES, you have now found your Operator & can now contact your Operator.

Available to Premier & Platinum Members If you are still unsuccessful In finding an Operator then our team will do our upmost to source an Operator for you specifically requested to the criteria to meet your requirements.

Answers to frequently asked questions

How secure is my data?
Our Software is hosted locally & on firewalled servers and your data is updated & backed up on daily. Your account runs under SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which ensures that data transferred between the server and your browser is securely encrypted. Operator Force also possesses its own 2 step verification security system which helps prevent unauthorised users from gaining access to the data stored in the application database.

Who owns my data?
You own and are responsible for the contents of any data uploaded or stored by yourself.

How often is Operator Force updated?
Our software will be further innovating into new features and any new features introduced are developed and implemented as a result of suggestions from our clients and users. We do not have fixed timeframes for the release of new features although we aim to implement new features regularly and often, taking into account that downtime is kept to a complete minimum & the times scheduled for innovations will be during less busy times.

Can I add or remove users from my subscription?

Yes, add or remove whenever necessary, the portal is built specifically to allow this without any disruption.

Can multiple users access from a single user account?
No. This is strictly against our terms of use and you must purchase an account for each and every user who requires access to the system. We forbid the sharing of user accounts due to security risks associated. The sharing of user account credentials effectively means that users are made aware of each other’s login details thus increasing the risk of data breaches. Failure to comply with the recommendations provided here may result in your account being suspended until any issues can be resolved with you directly.

What’s the best way to pay for our subscription?
For all subscriptions, we offer a monthly or annual payment plan online via card payment or by Direct Debit. This service is provided by a third party provider.

What happens if I do not pay for my subscription on time?
If payment is not made on time, access to your account will be temporarily suspended until any pending amounts are received in full. In this event, you will no longer be able to access the system or any of its functionality until the issue can be resolved. If we are unable to resolve the issue before 30 days, your account will be closed and your data will be deleted from our servers.

Can I contact by telephone?
Our answer is yes but due to the high number of inbound sales and marketing enquiries we receive may become difficult, telephone details are provided. We ask that you contact us by email in the first instance or via live chat to arrange a call so we can guarantee you a fixed time to call.

Do you provide free training when I subscribe?
Yes we will give you ongoing support.

Can I pay for my subscription online?
Yes card payments accepted online.

If you have any questions about our services or wish to discuss specific requirements, then please feel free to contact us and we will do our very best to help.

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Our mission to Connect companies & subcontractors with quality leads so you can grow quickly & efficiently with the professional support.


Relationship and Trust

Building direct relationships & trust & connecting professionals together to complete projects.


Caring and Friendly

Friendly team of passionate people who genuinely care about our clients. Online live chat support available.


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Sourcing of High Quality Website Traffic for your business connecting professionals.